This page displays our entire collection of holistic health care, behavior, training, animal advocacy and rehabilitation, educational and inspirational Videos, DVD's, Books and CD's for dogs, horses, cats and other small animals, sheep, goats, cows, poultry, birds, butterflies, bees, other wildlife - and people too! From improving health, harmony and communication for you and your animal… to increasing awareness of nature and the world around you…to celebrating life with animals with joy and humor, you'll find a wonderful selection to choose from. Enjoy!

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Bodywork For Dogs
Intuitive Touch® Through Massage,
Acupressure and Awareness
By Lynn Vaughan and Deborah Jones,
Licensed Massage Therapists
VHS $4.99 - DVD $24.99

Intuitive Touch® With Horses
Through Awareness,
Bodywork and Communication
By Lynn Vaughan and Deborah Jones,
Licensed Massage Therapists
VHS $4.99 - DVD $24.99


The Visible Rider

By Susan Harris
& Peggy Brown
$4.99 - 27.95

The Visible Horse

By Susan Harris
& Peggy Brown

Juliette of the Herbs

Documentary of
Juliette de Bairacli Levy
By Tish Streeten

Dr. Dolittle


Our selection of books covers a variety of subjects you'll value for your animal's health and well-being, your health - and your relationship with all animals: massage and acupressure, herbs and homeopathy, other natural remedies and nutrition, to clearer communication and awareness, better understanding of your animal's nature and needs, and inspiring life-lessons from national bestselling authors - extraordinary wisdom, instruction and guidance! Please visit our Dog, Horse, Cat and Wildlife pages for additional products to select from.

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Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs
By Shawn Messonier, DVM

The Healing Touch
for Dogs

The Proven
Massage Program
By Dr. Michael W. Fox

The Complete Holistic
Dog Book

Home Health Care for our Canine Companions
By Jan Allegretti &
Katy Sommers, DVM

The Dog Whisperer

A Compassionate, Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training
By Paul Owens &
Norma Eckroate


The Other End
of the Leash

Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs
By Patricia B.
McConnell, PH.D.

Dog Is My Co-Pilot
Great Writers On The World's Oldest Friendship
From The Editors of
The Bark

Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

By Kymythy R. Schultze

The Complete
Herbal Handbook
for the Dog and Cat

By Juliette de Bairacli Levy

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete
Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats

By Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, Ph.D.
& Susan H. Pitcairn

Natural Remedies
for Dogs and Cats

Healing Herbs and Therapies for the Family Pet
By CJ Puotinen

Homeopathic Care
for Cats and Dogs

By Don Hamilton, DVM


The Nature of
Animal Healing

By Martin Goldstein, DVM

Urban Tails
Photos by Knox
Text by Sara Neeley

The New Natural Cat

A Complete Guide for Finicky Owners
By Anitra Frazier &
Norma Eckroate

Cats Naturally

Natural Rearing
for Healthy Cats
By Juliette de Bairacli Levy


The Healing
Touch For Cats

The Proven Massage Program
By Dr. Michael W. Fox

Think Like A Cat

How To Raise a
Well-Adjusted Cat,
Not a Sour Puss
By Pam Johnson-Bennett

Twisted Whiskers

Solving Your Cat's
Behavior Problems
By Pam Johnson- Bennett

Cat vs. Cat

Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat
By Pam Jonhson-Bennett


Psycho Kitty

Understanding Your
Cat's "Crazy" Behavior
By Pam Johnson-Bennett

Hiss and Tell

True Stories from the Files Of a Cat Shrink
By Pam Johnson-Bennett

A Modern Horse Herbal

By Hillary Page Self

The Complete Herbal Handbook for
Farm and Stable

By Juliette de Bairacli Levy



Considering the Horse

Tales of Problems Solved
and Lessons Learned
By Mark Rashid

Horses Never Lie

The Heart of
Passive Leadership
By Mark Rashid

Through Life

By Mark Rashid

Think Harmony With Horses

An In-Depth Study of Horse/Man Relationship
By Ray Hunt

True Horsemanship
Through Feel

By Bill Dorrance &
Leslie Desmond

Sprit Horses
Photographs by Tony Stromberg

The Emotional Lives of Animals

by Mark Bekoff

Kinship With
All Life

By J. Allen Boone

Animals as Teachers
and Healers

True Stories and Reflections
By Susan Chernak McElroy

The Boundless Circle

Caring for Creatures
and Creation
By Michael W. Fox, DVM, Ph.D

Herbs for Pets

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Herbs for Pets
By Gregory L. Tilford &
Mary L. Wulff-Tilford

The Encyclopedia
of Natural Pet Care

By CJ Puotinen

Close Encounters
of the Bovine:

Recollections of a
Rural Veterinarian
By Rosalie Cooper-Chase DVM

Heart in the Wild

A Journey of Self-Discovery with Animals of the Wilderness
By Susan Chernak McElroy

Making Burros Fly:

Cleveland Amory, Animal
Rescue Pioneer
By Julie Hoffman Marshall

Healers of the Wild

Rehabilitating Injured & Orphaned Wildlife
By Shannon K. Jacobs

Attracting Birds,
Butterflies and
Other Backyard Wildlife

By David Mizejewski

Common Herbs for Natural Health

By Juliette de Bairacli Levy

Traveler's Joy

By Juliette de Bairacli Levy
$ 8.95

Nature's Children

By Juliette de Bairacli Levy

James Herriot's
Treasury for Children


The New Yorker Book
of Dog Cartoons

By New Yorker Magazine
(Miniature Paperback)

The New Yorker Book
of Cat Cartoons

By New Yorker Magazine
(Miniature Paperback)

The Animal Connection

A Guide To Intuitive Communication With
Your Pet
By Judy Meyer

What do Andrew Weil CD's have to do with animals? Plenty! Learning Breathing, Self-Healing and Meditation techniques will have a positive and relaxing influence on your animal's health and behavior as well as yours - and also enhance your connection and communication with them. Dr. Weil's Walking CD is a wonderful combination with our dog training books, which emphasize the importance of walking with your dog. So explore and enjoy the gifts of mutual healing you can generate for you and your animal!


Breathing – The Master
Key to Self Healing

By Andrew Weil, M.D.

With Guided Imagery

By Andrew Weil, M.D.
& Martin Rossman M.D.

Meditation for
Optimum Health

By Andrew Weil, M.D.
& Jon Kabat-Zinn , Ph.D.

the Ultimate Exercise
for Optimum Health

By Andrew Weil, M.D.






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