Intuitive Touch® with Horses -
Through Awareness, Bodywork
and Communication

By Lynn Vaughan and Deborah Jones,
Licensed Massage Therapists

Part of the Intuitive Touch® Series

VHS $19.99
DVD $24.99

Run Time: 68 minutes
Also included: Barn Reference Guide

Introduction to a unique, simple and powerful synergy for you and your horse's health
and harmony, on the ground or in the saddle. Interactive for people and horses of all ages.
Easy-to-follow and inspiring:

The Nature of Horses • Awareness • Bodywork
Scratching — The Horse's Way of Massage • Acupressure
Centering Breathwork • Nonverbal Communication

Lynn Vaughan and Deborah Jones are Licensed Massage Therapists, former Veterinary Technicians
in integrative veterinary practices and coauthors of Bodywork for Dogs — Intuitive Touch® through Massage, Acupressure and Awareness. They combine their decades of experience and a life-long kinship with animals.

"I am a firm believer in the practice of alternative, progressive and practical approaches for the care of
all animals. Having witnessed first hand, the gentle, sure methods employed by Lynn Vaughan in her
treatment of horses, and having seen the wonderful results, I wholeheartedly support her particular
practice and encourage all horse owners to use her sensitive and intelligent video. Not only will horses
benefit, but owners, too."

Martha Stewart

"This video is an important basic tool for all horse owners. Whilst encompassing techniques for increasing
the health and well-being of our animal companions, it also offers an insight into how we can deepen the
connection between horse and rider achieving a balanced and sensitive program for keeping horses healthy."

Hilary Self, BSc (Hons), MNIMH, CPP,
author of A Modern Horse Herbal

"In this lovely video, Intuitive Touch® with Horses, Lynn Vaughan and Deborah Jones have again brought
together accurate information with balanced instruction and sensitive guidance for the animal caregiver.
  This introduction to gentle bodywork techniques and simple acupressure is augmented by powerful orientation
and coaching for the caregiver in developing life enhancing inner tools that facilitate communication and increase
the health benefits for both ends of the lead shank.
  I will recommend this video to my clients, and I look forward to the progressive series of instructional tapes from
Animals Healing Inc. Lynn and Deb have a profound vision of healing for ALL creatures of the world, and they are
providing foundation for making that vision a reality in which we can all share and actively participate."

Judith M. Shoemaker, D.V.M., I.V.A.S., A.V.C.A.
author of the videos Complementary Medicine & Therapies
for the Horse and Acupuncture Points Of The Equine

Featured on the Martha Stewart Living Television Show, in Natural Horse Magazine and Animal Wellness Magazine, among many others!

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