The feeding of natural diets to companion dogs and cats is becoming increasingly popular. However many pet owners may not have sufficient knowledge to provide a fully balanced diet for their pet.
Do you want to start your new puppy or kitten off to a healthy start in life?
Maybe you are feeding your pet the best of commercial pet food available, but still tackling problems with their health such as itchy skin, irritable bowel disease, liver disease, arthritis, obesity or recurrent infection?
Feeding your pet a natural diet may be just the answer.

Dr. Clare Middle is a veterinarian with over twenty five years experience treating dogs and cats with both conventional and complementary veterinary medicine. She has combined a wealth of experience with sound science to provide a book which is easy to read and use.

This book will help dog and cat owners, breeders, veterinarians and all animal health professionals to feed dogs and cats in their care the natural way.`
"I changed my old dog to a natural diet two months ago and already she is more active, she seems several years younger and is still improving. I told two friends about the diet, and they have already seen the difference in their dogs too."
—Helen Hacking, owner of 18 year old 'Beau'
     Western Australia
"I am buoyed by this significant advance within our profession and on that basis I am delighted that Dr. Clare Middle has been prepared to validate biologically appropriate nutrition by writing this book.....This book will help continue the forward march of balanced, whole raw foods as the gold standard approach to the nutrition and therefore health of today's companion animals."
—Dr. Ian Billinghurst BVSc(Hons), BScAgr, DipEd
     Veterinary Surgeon, Acupuncturist
     Author of "Give Your Dog a Bone" & "The Barf Diet"

About The Author:
Dr. Clare Middle
, BVMS, CVA, Cert IAVH, of Veterinary Natural Therapies, Western Australia, has written the first book on natural diet which has researched scientific data on the subject and summarized it into key references. This scientific basis has been combined with Dr. Middle's many years of experience from hundreds of pet owners, into a short, readable, practically useable text which any dog or cat owner can use, regardless of their scientific education, or experience with dogs and cats.




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