Rescue® Remedy can be used for an immediate calming effect in any stressful situation, or when your pet needs help overcoming a variety of emotional or behavioral problems.

Rescue Remedy can help your pet with:
• Visits to the vet
• Fear of loud noises
• Excessive barking or hissing
• Shock, trauma or mistreatment
• Loss of companion
• Separation anxiety
• Adapting to new surroundings

Why Rescue Remedy Pet?
Recent research shows that upwards of 10.7 million pets in the United States suffer from separation anxiety, resulting in inappropriate, unwanted behaviors. While the trend toward the use of pharmaceutical drugs to deal with animals' separation anxiety and other complex stress-related emotions is on the rise, many pet owners are turning to all-natural alternative solutions, including Rescue Remedy Pet. This new variation of the original stress relieving remedy available for more than 70 years contains a blend of the same five flower remedies found in Rescue Remedy in an alcohol free formula, ideal for sensitive pets.

How to use Rescue Remedy Pet:
Rescue Remedy Pet is available in dropper format, allowing pet owners to easily administer it to their pets. Alcohol-free, it is suitable for use on pets of all shapes and sizes, including:

Reptiles • Fish (add to tank water) • Birds • Cats • Dogs • Horses • Rabbits

Rescue Remedy Pet Dosage: 4 drops, given several times a day. Simply place 4 drops of Rescue Remedy Pet directly into the mouth. Alternatively, add 4 drops to food, water bowl or on a treat. Rescue Remedy Pet can also be rubbed directly on the animal’s nose, ear or paw. Choose the method easiest for you that will ensure the animal receives the correct dosage.

Please Note: While most forms of Rescue Remedy remain safe for animal use, Rescue Pastilles contain xylitol, making the product unsuitable for use with animals and pets.






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