Cat Dancer is the original interactive cat toy - an irresistible lure for cats and great fun for cat lovers. Cats are crazy about Cat Dancer because it simulates their favorite game: stalking, hunting and chasing prey.

In Think Like a Cat, Pam Johnson-Bennett writes ďFor simulating the movements of a cricket or a fly, nothing beats the Cat Dancer. The toy consists of a wire with a little rolled up cardboard target on the end(itís very durable, donít let the idea of it being cardboard discourage you.) If you just move it subtly, the Cat Dancer darts and moves as unpredictably as a fly does. This toy makes your cat use her concentration skills and best reflexes.Ē

Cat Dancer can be used as a wand to play with your cat. Just lead and they will chase, leap and run in circles. Directions for games to play such as Spin-The-Cat, Cat-A-Pult and Cat Dance are included. We are pleased to say that the Cat Dancerís package is made from recyclable cardboard and water-based inks. Cat Dancer is made from wire and cardboard, period - no artificially dyed feathers, mylar or plastics for kitty to chew on. And best of all, our cats go WILD for it!!!!



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