Our collection of wildlife products offers you educational, instructional and inspiring books and videos that will increase your awareness, respect and reverence for all life. From animal rescuers to rehabilitators, to pioneers of animal health care and advocacy, you'll find valuable information and phenomenal stories. Read…watch…and you will have a deeper understanding of and relationship with animals, nature and the world around you. Enjoy!






The Emotional Lives of Animals

by Mark Bekoff

Healers of the Wild

Rehabilitating Injured & Orphaned Wildlife
By Shannon K. Jacobs
(Book) $12.95

Attracting Birds,
Butterflies and
Other Backyard Wildlife

By David Mizejewski
(Book) $9.95

The Boundless Circle

Caring for Creatures and Creation
By Michael W. Fox, DVM, Ph.D
(Book) $15.45

Making Burros Fly:

Cleveland Amory, Animal
Rescue Pioneer
By Julie Hoffman Marshall
(Book) $13.95

Close Encounters
of the Bovine:

Recollections of a
Rural Veterinarian
By Rosalie Cooper-Chase, DVM
(Book) $12.95

Heart in the Wild

A Journey of Self-Discovery with Animals of the Wilderness
By Susan Chernak McElroy
(Book) $11.95

Kinship With All Life

By J. Allen Boone





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